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A New Year; A New You?

Ritual is good. Ritual helps. The new year's ritual is making resolutions to yourself that you might or might not keep within the next week or month or two. But still, the thought must come before the act and at least the thought heads you in the right direction.What...

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Good Will Toward Men

The Gospels spell it out pretty clearly, "peace on Earth and good will toward men." (These days, of course, we understand that to mean women, too.) That seems to be the standard set, the bedrock from which we are to conduct our affairs. We must, we should, operate...

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What is a Veteran?

Happy Veteran's Day! Here in Savannah, Veteran's Day is celebrated throughout the community. We are fortunate to live and work shoulder-to-shoulder with many of the thousands of active duty and veteran soldiers from the U.S. Army. Along with nearby naval and air force...

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Oh, Houston.

What a mess. What a disaster. How horrible. Why do we do this to ourselves?Houston had 50" of rain fall in short order, drowning the city. While 50" of rain was unprecedented, it was not unpredicted. We know that as the climate continues to heat up, we will have more...

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Down Time

To everything, there is a season. To everything there is a beginning, a middle and an end.  And the end is a harbinger of the beginning to come, renewing the cycle.So it is with families; so it is with The Firm, so it is with Life.Summer is intended to be a down...

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