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Personal Interest

A House Divided Against Itself…

They hadn't gotten along in a long while. He was quick at name calling, disparaging everything she tried to do. They were both supposed to be in charge of the family finances but it didn't work that way. If he wanted something, he just went out and bought it. If she...

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Know Justice, Know Peace

My grandfather used to say "Clarity comes from remembering where you came from; understanding where you want to go; and discovering how you will get there."If we view this nation as a single entity... a single unit... or maybe perhaps a Union? We can apply those...

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A New Year; A New You?

Ritual is good. Ritual helps. The new year's ritual is making resolutions to yourself that you might or might not keep within the next week or month or two. But still, the thought must come before the act and at least the thought heads you in the right direction.What...

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