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Month: February 2012

Davy Jones

I'm really dating myself here.  I spent some formative time watching and listening to The Monkeys.  I had most of their albums.  I wouldn't miss a show.  And while the Beatles had far more to do with my philosophical disposition, I learned...

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The Cayman Courts

Today was Judiciary day.  Shelia and I left our seminar and visited the Cayman Courts. It was time to leave the safe confines of the legal education we were receiving in the seminar room and get to the heart of the matter working in International Family Law.One...

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The Cutting Edge of Family Law

We handle many family law cases each month.  We are fortunate to have hundreds of families entrust their family law issues to us every year.  Most of our cases are rather straightforward (from the global perspective of the standardization implicitly imposed by the...

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