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Out of Order!

Recently, I passed by a bathroom with a prominent sign on the door, “OUT OF ORDER.” I know what that means. The toilet isn’t working. It isn’t successfully removing the effluent like it is supposed to. This means that the room doesn’t function as it is supposed to. It...

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Hubris and Then Some!

How do we make decisions? How do we come to our judgments? Do we gather evidence? Do we actively attempt to be aware of and hopefully free from bias? Do we use analysis? Do we use reason? Do we weigh all the options, evaluate the probabilities? Is our goal to be...

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Judge David Purvis!

You read that right! David Purvis, Savannah family law attorney extraordinaire, Professor of Family Law at the Savannah College of Law and long friend and trusted partner at The Manely Firm was sworn in today as a Judge!David was sworn in as an ALJ, an Administrative...

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Judges: Discretion Gone Wild

Judges get to make decisions. Oftentimes those decisions have some discretion to them such as, who is telling the truth. However, discretion never goes so far as to decide to ignore the law. Tonight's post is two cases studies of when judges decided that they had the...

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Very Bad Judges

Judges are as diverse as the people they serve. Some are brilliant, committed jurists who deeply care about law and doing right.  Some have elevators that don't quite reach the top floor. And some are very, very bad people.For example: Mark Fuller, an...

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Do Judges Hate Women?

There is a sinister mood in the air, almost as if a new Zeitgeist is threatening to roll in like a very bad thunderstorm, rolling in on a a black wave of judges' robes.Justice is supposed to be blind, right?  It's supposed to be free of bias.  That means...

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Judges: Oh Come On, Really?

I often write about how we at The Firm analyze cases and strategize our approach with such great precision.  Sometimes I think it might be fair to characterize some of it as bragging on my team a bit. But judges still surprise us.Sometimes we get it wrong....

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Judges: Experience That Matters.

We have a run off election on July 22nd in a number of important races, some for U.S Senate, some for U.S. House, some for State School Superintendent, but the most important races are the races for Superior Court Judge.In Cobb County we have two fine attorneys, Judge...

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