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Month: November 2014

I Am Thankful

Our post tonight is an offering from our Savannah Family Law Attorney, David Purvis.It's that time of year where we reflect on those things for which we are thankful.I have a wonderful wife for whom I am truly thankful. We have had a wonderful year full of growth and...

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Divorce and the Art of Compromise

Tonight's post on divorce and compromise is the first offered by one of our newest family law attorneys, Naomi Lumpkin.Usually, when people think of divorce, they think of war. Their spouse becomes their enemy; the one they loved has become the one they hate. But know...

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Finding Your Happy In Your Divorce

Tonight's post about choices in divorce was written by our newest Attorney addition to Lawrenceville, Brandy Alexander.As children, we could not wait to become adults. As adults, we often wish for the simpler times of childhood again. We grow up, we know better, so we...

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