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Month: June 2016

Family Law: To Unring the Bell

Often, the toughest consultations are the ones where the client comes to us after attempting to handle their own case. It's a lot harder to fix what's been done than it is to handle the case the right way to begin with. It's ironic that a lot of people uy to save...

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Fan Service in Family Law

What is Fan Service in Family Law, you ask. If you don't speak nerd you've probably never heard the tem1 "fan service". Allow me to elucidate. Fan service is material in anime and manga that (duh) services fans by often providing gratuitous or suggestive sexuality or...

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Opposing Counsel, The Sabers, They Rattle!

The "it's going to get ugly unless you..." is a phrase from opposing counsel I may never tire of. I saw that in an email to a junior associate of ours. It seems silly to me. I'm not one for saber rattling, myself. Walk softly and carry a big stick, I think the saying...

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Parental Alienation – but by whom?

Daniel was always close to his daughter Kelly. Even though he was divorced from Kelly's mom, Amy, he and Amy got along well and divided their time with Kelly almost 50/50. Rather than alienating each other, Daniel and Amy supported each other as parents for their...

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Domestic Violence: TheAhimsa House

I am really excited to write this blog post and to share information about an amazing and rare organization I recently learned about. I am in utter disbelief that I only now found out about this organization and I am thankful that they exist and are located in...

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