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Month: September 2017

Divorce: You Are Forgiven.

Divorce used to carry a horrid stigma. If you divorced, you were a loser, your children were slated for a life of crime or worse, and you and your progeny were largely to be cast on the dust heap of society.Not so much anymore. Obviously with roughly one-half of...

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Family Law: All In Good Time

You know the saying, "Time heals all wounds." While that isn't absolute, it is generally true. The passage of time makes conduct fade into the past, less important and less significant. This is never more true than in family law.The life of a family law case has...

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Family Law: the Bigger, the Better

Big houses. Big cars. Big muscles. Many of us strive to acquire bigger possessions in life. To many, the size of such possessions may be a symbol of wealth and status. Or it may just be a personal preference. Whatever the reason is, this trend certainly exists in the...

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Oh, Houston.

What a mess. What a disaster. How horrible. Why do we do this to ourselves?Houston had 50" of rain fall in short order, drowning the city. While 50" of rain was unprecedented, it was not unpredicted. We know that as the climate continues to heat up, we will have more...

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