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Month: January 2016

My Work in Scotland

I'm back after a very fulfilling and, I hope, successful week assisting at a custody trial in Scotland.The trial was in Airdrie, a suburb of Glasgow. I flew into and stayed in Edinburgh, where our local counsel's office is. We met the day I arrived. His name is Jamie...

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Who’s your Daddy?

Justice is supposed to be blind, right? And by that we mean that Justice is impartial, favors no side. While that's true most of the time in varying degrees, some of the time Justice seems more blind to the facts than blind to favoritism. In fact, sometimes it seems...

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Dr. King Impacts the World!

I just finished reading a very interesting article on the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King on International Law and the effect the Civil Rights Movement had on the adoption of several major international human rights treaties. What started in Atlanta had a ripple...

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Parenting, A Continuing Relationship

You and your spouse have been together for five years. You have two beautiful children. Unfortunately, your happily ever after did not have a happy ending. You had to file for divorce. You made the decision to end your romantic relationship and go your separate ways....

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The World Hangs In The Balance

Shelia and I spent the latter part of the week at the Georgia State Bar's mid-year convention. The State Bar had asked Shelia and our Savannah attorney, David Purvis, to present to the assembled on The Justice Café, our very low cost, unbundled division of the...

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