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Month: August 2014

High Asset Divorce and Money Wise

There are a few relatively large family law firms in the State of Georgia.  To a one (except for us) those firms are exclusively interested in handling high asset divorces.  Why is that?  The thought goes that this is where the money is. Handle a high...

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Self Righteous Slaughter

Tonight, a blog of personal privilege borne of deep, personal interest.The death of James Foley is so moving.  He was recently murdered by the Islamic State. It well demonstrates the ruthlessness, the barbarism of the inhuman monsters who killed him.  Those...

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Oh The Things We Do. Savannah!

One of the advantages of having such a large Family Law firm spread out across the State of Georgia is the neat stuff in which we are involved.  Today's installment takes us to Savannah!Just yesterday, the Savannah Voice Festival finished off its two week series...

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Custody: Heartbreak Hotel

Of all the family law work that we do, of all the issues that we handle, of all of the different kinds of cases that we try, custody cases are the hardest, most heart wrenching, high stakes gambits imaginable.Custody cases are borne of true disagreement.  When...

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Family Law, Make the Right Choice.

Here's the scenario: you are facing a family law case, maybe a divorce or modification or contempt. Maybe you are planning to file it.  Maybe you are facing one filed against you.  Now comes the daunting task of choosing a lawyer. There are hundreds out there.  How do...

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Family Law: It Ain’t Math

Tonight's post on math and Family Law was written by our Savannah Family Law Attorney, David Purvis.In our free consultations, we are often asked for exact numbers for what we think alimony may be, or who might get what percentage of a retirement, checking, or savings...

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