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Month: January 2012


During an initial consultation, I'm often asked when does one know when it is time to finally file for a divorce, when the relationship is over.  "When a conversation is pointless,"  I often answer.Communication is a great marker to determine whether there...

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Open Marriage

With all the talk about Newt's idea of a healthy marriage, I thought I'd weigh in. Unfortunately for the purient at heart, what I mean by open marriage is an entirely different thing.I've been having a great debate with another attorney at The Manely Firm, Nicole...

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Dr. King

There was quite a party on the Marietta Square today. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is big in Marietta! Party songs were pumped from the stage early in the morning, soon to be followed by many bands and many more speeches, banners and signs.As the parade reached its...

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High Praise

We are conducting our year end analysis of all things that can be analyzed. It is how we constantly improve our efficient delivery of affordable legal services, at least as much as one can when, on occasion, a well paid adversary is using his best efforts to muck up...

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It’s what’s inside that counts.

We all operate from an internal script, largely written by our experiences from early on.  Unless we are extremely adept at paying attention to the slightest hint of subconscious motivation, we are directed, even dominated by this script, without much of a chance...

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