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Month: September 2020

Your Day in Court?

Suppose you could accomplish your objectives without having to have a hearing, without having to go to Court to get it resolved. Wouldn't you want to do that?Most people feel that way. Most people don't want the stress, the cost and the uncertainty of putting on the...

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Mental Health and Family Law I

At some point, everyone in a relationship thinks their significant other is somewhat crazy. But what if they really are?I know that crazy is a loaded term and highly disfavored. But if you are in the middle of your significant other's breakdown, "crazy" is the most...

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Divorce Mills

Watch out! You could become a number.Unfortunately, there are a number of law firms out there that will only look at you as a number. They sell hard to get you through the door. Then, once they have you, they just run you through the mill; they churn your case. They...

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