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Month: December 2015


A whole new year is just a few days away. When you reflect back on this past year, you can't help but think about what you don't want to duplicate in the coming one.Like everything under the sun, different people handle similar issues in many different ways. For...

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A Christmas Gift … For Your Ex

Merry Christmas! The suggestion I am making may not sound at all appealing to you if you're in the midst of a divorce, but hear me out. For Christmas, take your child to buy a gift for your ex, at least until your child is old enough to take care of it on their own....

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Mele Kalikimaka and Other Holiday Traditions

As we anticipate potential record highs on Christmas Day (80+ degrees in Savannah!??!), you may be singing the Hawaiian Christmas Carol "Mele Kalikimaka" around your unlit fireplace instead of "I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas" in front of a roaring yule log. Funny...

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Divorce: Miracle on Pryor Street

Perhaps Christmas snowflakes were falling on Pryor Street because a very interesting and unusual thing happened in Fulton County Superior Court when I came to a status conference with a client to finalize a divorce.The parties were manied for twenty-five years and had...

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Tis The Season for Custody and Visitation

It's the holiday season and my inbox is especially full. I certainly don't mind work and I wouldn't complain about a full inbox. I like staying busy and I enjoy helping my clients, but my heaii sometimes breaks for the families I serve, even more so around the...

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Divorce: Reality, subject to debate?

Is reality subject to debate? Really?Like most nuances of divorce, this issue isn't confined to divorce but pervades our culture. It's like whether we've been to the moon, whether the Eaiih is flat or whether our planet is rapidly, dangerously wanning. (Yes, no and...

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When Pets are People Too

Divorces are really hard. That decision is the proverbial stone in a pond: the ripple effects are felt by many others, not just you. Your kids, in-laws, friends, maybe even your co-workers will feel the sting, and it can be a long and emotionally exhausting process....

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Family Law: Blessed Are The Grief Makers?

Over and over again at the national and state family law conferences to which we are invited to attend and present, there is an ongoing conversation about changes to the practice of law, and in particular, the changes to the practice of family law. Several years ago,...

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Judges: Discretion Gone Wild

Judges get to make decisions. Oftentimes those decisions have some discretion to them such as, who is telling the truth. However, discretion never goes so far as to decide to ignore the law. Tonight's post is two cases studies of when judges decided that they had the...

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