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Month: September 2013

Life After Divorce

You know the old adage that the sun will rise tomorrow?  Well, it does.  It always does.  And life goes on after divorce.There are a dozen ways (perhaps more) to arrive at a divorce.  Some are on a train you drive.  Some are on a train driven...

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The Justice Cafe’, Huh?

Tonight's post on the Justice Cafe' was written by its Executive Director, Luis Velez.In describing what the Justice Cafe' offers, I am frequently asked, "what does limited scope representation mean?" Limited scope representation, also known as unbundled legal...

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Family Law – Crash and Burn

As I've often written, family law attorneys are in court more often than any other type of attorney.  Ours are seldom the first case on the calendar.  This means that we get to sit through many other cases before ours is heard.I was in court last week,...

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