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Month: June 2014

Substance Abuse and Divorce.

Tonight's post on Substance Abuse and Divorce was written by our Marietta family law attorney, Darrin Keaton.When you combine the already high stress atmosphere of a divorce with the damage that comes from substance abuse, it becomes a recipe for disaster.I have often...

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The Judges’ Point of View

More people are involved in a divorce than just the couple. Lawyers and the judge are involved, too.  I've written about some of the biases and barriers that parties bring to the litigation and about the pitfalls and problems which lawyers bring. But tonight I...

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Divorce – It Takes Two to Tango

I was talking with a client the other day who understandably was expressing some frustration that his divorce was taking longer than he'd prefer.  "Why has it taken this long?" he asked me.  "Why can't we just get it settled."As I explained to him, he isn't...

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Savannah – Firmly Entrenched

Last Thursday we were officially and quite warmly welcomed into the Savannah business community.  The Savannah Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for us Thursday evening, attended by some 100 of our closest friends, allies and acquaintances.  Captains...

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