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Month: February 2020

Handcuffed for Custody

The Judge sat on the bench. The calendar was called and the case was announced. The Mother and her attorney stood. The Father and his attorney stood. The Judge remembered these parties well. A divorce, just finalized a few months before. It took dozens of motions, a...

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Settling Spouses Create Happy Houses

Making the decision to file for divorce is the first of many choices. Often times, it's the easiest.What to do with the home? Do you move out?Who is responsible to pay off that credit card?Dividing retirement? That seems like years away...Where do the kids live?How do...

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Problem Solvers or Problem Seekers?

Probably your first task, when you are going to look for a family law attorney, is to decide whether you are looking for a problem solver or a problem seeker.A problem solver listens to all of the issues that you bring up and also hears all those that you don't even...

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