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New Digs, Same Shovel

We recently relocated offices in Savannah. Gone is the old ballroom on Broughton. We are now located at 427 E. York Street, occupying the first floor of a federal-style home. The new space is much better suited for our professional needs and our clients and potential...

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Initiators and Resistors

In my class at Savannah Law School we cover both substantive family topics (policies behind child support, constitutional analysis of family law statutes, grounds for divorce) as well as some of the underlying aspects of family law cases that make family law so, well,...

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When the Hobby Takes Over

The Gym Rat:All of a sudden the spouse you've spent 15 years with has thrown himself into some new outlet. One day he's asked you if you think he has put on too much weight. Your answer is, of course, no, but now he's at the gym constantly. At first this is a welcome...

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A Tale of Two Mediations

Here in Savannah, I recently attended back-to-back mediations on two different cases. Two different sets of parents. Two different opposing counsels. Two very different mediations.Mediation #1 went like many other mediations. The two opening statements couldn't have...

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