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Month: June 2021

There’s a Monster In My Office!

It isn’t terribly often I have two individuals consulting in my office at the same time, about the same divorce... In fact, it only occurs when there has been someone more invested in the marriage than the actual spouse seeking the divorce. Once in awhile, that is the...

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Married or Knot, Here I Come.

Crystal and James were together for only 3 months before James proposed. Crystal and James describe their relationship as “Halley’s Comet” because it is a once in a lifetime whirlwind of a romance. James considered it love at first sight. Crystal and James were...

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Our New Atlanta Office!

With over 30% of Georgia's population already vaccinated, things are starting to slowly return back to normal, whatever “the new normal” means. I am truly excited to be able to see clients and potential clients in person after a long period of doing things almost...

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