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Month: June 2019

That’s How I was Raised

We all want better for our children. Better educations, better jobs, better options, better opportunities, better lives. It's part of our fabric as human beings. Many of us can look back over the generations that have come before us and track a steady upward...

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How to Destroy Your Child

I've been practicing family law for three decades now. That is a long time. When I started practicing, the massacre at Tiananmen Square had just happened, the Berlin Wall hadn't yet fallen, and the world didn't yet have the world wide web.But over these past 30 years,...

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You’re Just Like Your Mother!

"You are always on my case!" she screams as she slams her door."You're 15 years old and in my house you're not allowed to sneak in and out of my house at night," he fires back.The door is flung open. She's going to have the last word.He beats her to the punch."You are...

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