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Month: May 2014

Clarity in Marriage

Marriage is many things.  One of them is an endless series of negotiations.  I've been helping people with their divorces for 25 years now.  When a couple are at odds, and considering whether to work on the marriage or let the marriage go and get...

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Divorce, Hire slow and fire fast?

There are many different ways of doing things.  Few are wrong.  Most make sense. In employment, there is a mantra of "Hire slow and fire fast."  It means, take a long time to interview many people for a position and a longer time still to really get to...

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Divorce, Trust but Verify

When threatened with divorce, a leopard can change his stripes, with a coat of very temporary paint.  "I'm divorcing you," is often met with, "But I'll change." Sometimes that change is heartfelt and well intended.  The effort and duration of that change is...

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