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Material Matters

Kevin and Erica were divorced three ago. Kevin was awarded primary physical custody of their two boys, Spencer and Adam. The parties have coparented relatively well throughout the years and the boys are thriving in both homes. Erica, however, has recently been...

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Child Abduction under the UCCJEA

Lisa and Chris have a one-year-old daughter together. Lisa and Chris have lived in Minnesota since before their daughter was born. Lisa recently split from Chris and has since been not allowing Chris to see his daughter. Chris has filed a Petition in his county's...

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Mean Parents Suck

People who once upon a time loved each other call us when they don't anymore. I get that. It certainly goes with the territory. But the people who require the services of a family law attorney still span the spectrum from having empathy or sympathy or at least a...

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How to Destroy Your Child

I've been practicing family law for three decades now. That is a long time. When I started practicing, the massacre at Tiananmen Square had just happened, the Berlin Wall hadn't yet fallen, and the world didn't yet have the world wide web.But over these past 30 years,...

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You’re Just Like Your Mother!

"You are always on my case!" she screams as she slams her door."You're 15 years old and in my house you're not allowed to sneak in and out of my house at night," he fires back.The door is flung open. She's going to have the last word.He beats her to the punch."You are...

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