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Buyer’s Remorse

It was 4:27 p.m. and the final version of the settlement documents were still wet with blue ink scribbles which reflected the couple’s agreement. The energy in the room finally stopped buzzing at the sound of the pen clicking closed. It is done. Signed, sealed,...

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Settling Spouses Create Happy Houses

Making the decision to file for divorce is the first of many choices. Often times, it's the easiest.What to do with the home? Do you move out?Who is responsible to pay off that credit card?Dividing retirement? That seems like years away...Where do the kids live?How do...

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Settling Cases and Being Awarded For It!

Last night I had the honor of being recognized by The Mediation Center of Coastal Georgia for having the highest settlement rate for domestic relations cases in 2018. 70% of my cases that were mediated at The Mediation Center resulted in settlements. Mediation is...

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The Art of Mediation

The "art of mediation" is that there is no script to follow.What do I mean by that? Certainly there is a process. You prepare for mediation by learning the facts, understanding your client's case and knowing the law. Moreover, you know how to negotiate. When I say,...

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Mediation: Why Do I Have to Mediate?

Tonight's post on mediation was written by our Lawrenceville Family Law attorney, Wesley Wilson.I recently received a phone call from a client. He was mad and frustrated. Mediation had been scheduled and he felt that was going to be a waste of time. Communication...

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