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Month: July 2020

Help! My Lawyer Won’t Let Me Settle My Case

She walked out of his office more frustrated with her attorney than she was with her soon-to-be ex-husband. They had finally found a moment away from their new interests and had come to an agreement on everything. The children, the finances (including the credit card...

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We Are In The Break Up Business

Divorce is the ultimate break up. As divorce attorneys, we are in the break up business. Unfortunately, that is often overlooked in the lawyer's office where the focus is on asset division, child support, and rotating weekends.Sitting in an uncomfortable chair, across...

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Strong ≠ Invincible

"That's the problem with being the strong one; No one offers you a hand." - A Wise PersonStrength does not equate to invincibility. Mental illnesses affects tens of millions of individuals each year. Research has shown that only half of the individuals diagnosed with...

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