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My Passion, My Purpose

My name is Emily E. McClarty, and I am a new Associate Attorney at The Manely Firm. My journey from the bustling streets of Alpharetta, Georgia, to the rugged landscapes of Wyoming's College of Law has been nothing short of an adventure. Growing up in Georgia, music...

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Anchored in the Community

Thursday night, the stars shined brightly in downtown Savannah as The Mediation Center of the Coastal Empire held it’s 7th annual fundraiser.  The Mediation Center serves all of Southeast Georgia, providing civil and domestic mediation services, peer mediation...

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How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? Did you make any? Are you still adhering to them? Did you start a new diet? A new workout regimen? Start a personal growth journey? These are all goals. One approach to setting goals is to look at yourself and your...

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The Appellate Process in Georgia

The Supreme Court of Georgia and the Court of Appeals of Georgia make up the two appellate courts in Georgia, meaning that if you want a Court to take a second look at the ruling made or actions taken by a trial court, these are the Courts you must turn to. Importance...

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