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October 2016 Archives

Man Without a Booth

For well better than a decade, a distinguished older gentleman has been collecting our parking fares as we exit the garage in Atlanta. We hand him our ticket, he calculates the cost, you hand him your payment, and he raises the gate so that you can drive out. Along the way he exchanges pleasantries, a bit of weather and perhaps a bit of news.

Man vs. Machine: Battleground Courthouse

There was a recent piece on 60 Minutes about the advances in artificial intelligence whereby computers have advanced to the point of being capable of learn and can react and respond to their environments. It is fascinating stuff, but it also reminds me of some bad science fiction movie where the machines wind up taking over and destroying man-kind.

La Ti Da

The aggressive lawyer is integral to the composition of our modern adversary system. The idea is, each side has an aggressive lawyer that makes the other side look as sleazy as possible and the judge tries to figure out who disgusts him the least?

Sometimes it is Rocket Science: Service of Process on Defendants in a Foreign Country

As you probably know, we handle a lot of international family law issues from international divorce to division of international property to international custody to international child abduction. In short, at The Manely Firm, we do a lot of international family law. Since so much of our practice is international, we have to know how to successfully move within, not just our own courts but the courts of many other jurisdictions and how to bring international parties before our courts so that resolution of legal issues can be achieved.

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

This is a post about "mansplaining" and misogyny in the courtroom. This is a post dedicated to all the women out there who come in and crush it in the courtroom. Oftentimes in heels or itchy pantyhose. Oftentimes after dropping their little ones off - that is, after they've fed/bathed/clothed them. This is a post for the women who can't be aggressive without being called the "b" word, or who feel like they have to compensate for not being a man in a man-driven profession and go too hard in the paint, too adversarially. This is a post I've been wanting to write for a while, because I see this type of thing going on and have been the butt of it myself.

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