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Month: October 2016

No More Judges

Imagine no more judges.On-line legal services companies are increasingly advocating for the use of algorithms to resolve legal disputes. No human in the decision making process. What could possibly go wrong? Three times the number of claims are resolved within the...

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No More Supreme Court

"The Senate is fully within its power to let the Supreme Court literally die out."Cato Institute, October 26, 2016The United States of America has had an incredible run. Our American experiment has performed admirably well in the past 200 plus years. We have been...

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Man Without a Booth

For well better than a decade, a distinguished older gentleman has been collecting our parking fares as we exit the garage in Atlanta. We hand him our ticket, he calculates the cost, you hand him your payment, and he raises the gate so that you can drive out. Along...

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Man vs. Machine: Battleground Courthouse

There was a recent piece on 60 Minutes about the advances in artificial intelligence whereby computers have advanced to the point of being capable of learn and can react and respond to their environments. It is fascinating stuff, but it also reminds me of some bad...

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La Ti Da

The aggressive lawyer is integral to the composition of our modern adversary system. The idea is, each side has an aggressive lawyer that makes the other side look as sleazy as possible and the judge tries to figure out who disgusts him the least? As regular readers...

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Locker Room Talk

What passes for man talk these days? We are told that asserting that you just walk up to women and just kiss them, you don't even wait, and that you grab their genitals is normal, natural, common. It's just locker room talk. It's just locker room behavior.But is it?...

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Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

This is a post about "mansplaining" and misogyny in the courtroom. This is a post dedicated to all the women out there who come in and crush it in the courtroom. Oftentimes in heels or itchy pantyhose. Oftentimes after dropping their little ones off - that is, after...

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