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At The Manely Firm, P.C., our Marietta family law attorney Michael E. Manely says, ” When you or your family’s welfare is at stake, you want an attorney with a reputation for winning. The worst settlement you can make is to settle for an attorney without a winning track record..

We value this statement at our firm and we devote every effort to securing a win for each of our cases. Because of this, our track record of success in court is absolutely unparalleled. In addition to this, we never shy away from difficult or challenging cases.

Unlike most family law firms, we are vastly experienced in taking on international family law matters, including international child abduction, international property distribution, and more. We can fight tirelessly on your behalf and we are committed to excellence, family, and our community.

We are proud to have the following members on our Marietta staff:

  • Michael E. ManelyFounding Attorney
  • William KingAssociate Attorney
  • Shelia Manely Business Manger
  • Deidre Reagan
  • Kim Hollomon
  • Catherine Gonzalez
  • Melissa Pike
    Junior Paralegal
  • Agnele Adanou
    Junior Paralegal
  • Senceria Levesque
    Office Manager
  • Margaret Bryant
    Marketing Director
  • Maria Sanjurjo
    Client Care Coordinator
  • Ron Anderson
    Accounting Manager
  • Arnissa Galloway
    Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • Karen Moreland
    Accounts Receivable Specialist

Work With One Attorney, Work With Our Whole Team

At The Manely Firm, P.C., each of our attorneys is incredibly experienced and focused on particular areas of family to make sure our clients have the most sophisticated representation possible. Because we are a team, however, working with one of our lawyers means you also have access to all of our attorneys.

No matter how challenging your family law matter is, you can rest assured knowing you are getting the full picture and all your options when you work with our firm. We share our knowledge and work together to do what’s best for you and your family.

Providing Top-Quality Service Throughout The Marietta Area

Our skilled family law attorneys are able to assist clients who need help locally or internationally. From family law matters to estate planning, we have the experience you need to get a positive resolution. Send us an email to schedule a consultation.

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