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"They took my baby!"

Maggie was devastated. Her little one had been molested, little doubt about that. That was awful, terrible, soul crushing, but DFCS was blaming her husband. She just knew he would never do such a thing. He loved that little girl more than life itself. He was a devoted daddy. Maggie couldn't have asked for Devin to be a more stand up guy when their baby was born. Devin couldn't do such a thing.

Making collaborative divorce work for you

You may be among those for whom divorce is one of the most difficult events you have faced. No matter the circumstances that led to the breakup of your marriage, you now have the unenviable tasks ahead of dividing your property, dealing with custody issues and arguing about financial support.

If you're hoping the process of divorcing will not add to your already heavy heart, you may want to investigate alternatives to the traditional, contentious litigated divorce. Recent trends have followed the realization that divorce does not have to be another battle, and that it is possible to resolve your issues with your spouse in a civil and dignified way through collaboration.

Divorce Isn't the End-It's a New Beginning.

At some point in our lifetime, we've all probably faced what we call a "new chapter" in life. It may have been a new job or college. It may have been relocation to a new neighborhood. It may have been the birth of a child. With every "new chapter" comes a mixture of anxiety and excitement about the unknown. It's the same thing with divorce.

Should you ask your intended for a prenuptial agreement?

Now that you've made your engagement official, you have several tasks ahead of you as you plan your wedding day. As you choose wedding invitations, venues and cakes, you may also be considering whether to ask your future spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement.

You may have heard that their popularity is on the rise. At one time, people considered prenuptial agreements to be for celebrities and rich people, but now, more people realize that they, too, could benefit from these agreements in order to protect their interests in the event of a divorce. The question is whether you would benefit from having one, which may just be a question you need to answer before proposing it to your future spouse.

It ain't over 'till it's over.

"Life is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're gonna get." Everyone probably knows this famous quote from the movie "Forrest Gump." This simple, elementary view of life underscores the unpredictability of many aspects of our daily lives. How long will I live? Will he marry me in the future? Will I win the lottery ticket I purchased yesterday? Unfortunately, no one is equipped with sufficient foresight to answer these questions.

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