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How divorced parents can help their adult kids with divorce

Though some studies show falling divorce rates, the legal end of marriage is still something that happens to many people. As divorce becomes more and more accepted with the passage of time, many divorced parents find their own adult children facing the same thing. Many of them naturally want to help their children through what can be a difficult time but are unsure of exactly how to do so.

If you're a parent here in Georgia who has experienced your own divorce, you will have a lot of helpful information and advice for your divorcing children. The problem is that your insight may be unwelcome for different reasons. Fortunately, experts agree that there are several ways that parents can help their adult kids get through a divorce.

Mean Parents Suck

People who once upon a time loved each other call us when they don't anymore. I get that. It certainly goes with the territory. But the people who require the services of a family law attorney still span the spectrum from having empathy or sympathy or at least a desire to do as little harm as possible to their once-partner, to out and out loathing, spitefulness and hatefulness that can chill you to the bone.

When is a father not the father of both fraternal twins?

Sometimes, marriages can get messy. As the husband, you might discover that your wife had an affair right around the time she became pregnant. This knowledge could change everything for a father, especially if you begin to wonder whether you are the biological father. These days, DNA testing can resolve that question in the most efficient way possible.

But what if there were two babies? What could happen if your wife gave birth to fraternal twins? You could tell the two don't look alike, but that's not unusual, so you may not have thought any testing would come back indicating that you are the biological father of only one of your children. Is that even possible?

The End of an Era: The Law of Supply and Demand

The Manely Firm has been helping families for 30 years. All of those years our first consultations have been free. Over the course of 30 years we have helped thousands upon thousands of clients in family law. Over the course of 30 years we have consulted with, provided critical information to tens of thousands of potential clients in divorce, modification, contempt and every other facet of family law.

Are these marital problems causing legal problems in your life?

You might be one of many Georgia residents who are currently experiencing difficulty in your marriage. When you tied the knot, so to speak, you likely assumed your relationship would last a lifetime. You also, no doubt, understood that there was strong possibility that you and your mate might encounter challenges in your relationship on occasion, as most couples do.

There are certain problem issues that some relationships simply cannot withstand. What sparks friction between you and your spouse may be starkly different than issues that cause problems for your friends or family members in their marriages. No two couples are exactly the same. You might find, however, that you can relate to some of the biggest issues that can cause people to divorce.

Gray divorce may affect your health more than you think

We often assume that older married people who have been together for a long time will stay that way. As optimistic as that viewpoint is, it's simply not true. The rate of divorce for people older than 50 has doubled since 1990. Though younger people still divorce more often, the frequency of divorce has shot up in older demographics.

You may have heard this phenomenon referred to as "gray divorce." Experts have been researching gray divorce for a while and say that expectations around marriage have changed in the last few years, which may be the reason for the rise. What you may not know is how a gray divorce can affect a person's overall health. If you're in this age category and considering divorce here in Georgia, this information can be helpful.

That's How I was Raised

We all want better for our children. Better educations, better jobs, better options, better opportunities, better lives. It's part of our fabric as human beings. Many of us can look back over the generations that have come before us and track a steady upward trajectory of improvement from one generation to the next, some trajectories more drastic and rapid than others, but in many cases an upward trajectory nonetheless.

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