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Hidden assets: Is your spouse trying to fool the court?

When you decided to file for divorce, you didn't want the situation to turn into a long, drawn-out courtroom battle. You really just wanted to devise a fair settlement plan and to sign a co-parenting agreement that keeps your children's best interests in mind. Your ultimate goal was to amicably resolve your differences, leave the past behind and move on to help your kids adapt to a new lifestyle.

In a perfect world, that's how all Georgia divorces would unfold. In reality, however, it's often not so, especially if one of the spouses involved is angry or trying to get revenge against the other. Did you recently notice money missing from your jointly owned bank account? There might be a reasonable explanation or your spouse might be trying to hide assets before you enter property division proceedings.

The Dark Cloud that Never Passes

You are finally getting a divorce. Years of trying to manage with her drug addiction, her erratic behavior, her severe mood swings, her on again, off again job status are coming to a close. She walked away and disappeared one time too many. You never knew your camel could carry so many straws but she finally placed the one too many.

Having awareness of the challenges and concerns of a grey divorce

It's no secret that going through the end of a marriage can be a stressful and daunting process. Regardless of your age, the outcome of your divorce will likely have an impact on your future, and you may worry that the financial ramifications of the process might leave you struggling to bounce back.

This may prove a major concern if you are closing in on retirement age, as your plans for life ahead may revolve around living on a fixed budget. While divorce will inherently affect your finances, by knowing the challenges you may encounter, you could become better prepared to face what comes next.

Misery Loves Company

Some people can flat-out wear you out. They will challenge you every which way and frustrate you until you are blue in the face. Or maybe they just wear you down, little by little, over the course of time. They wear on you like a thick, wet coat that drags you closer to the ground with every step you take. Some acquaintances are like that. Some friends are like that. And some significant others are like that.

Want a stronger marriage? Get a prenuptial agreement

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is an exciting period of life for Georgia couples. However, amid picking the perfect venue and sending out invitations, you might be overlooking something very important -- a prenuptial agreement. While some may vilify these documents as being unromantic, they can actually help couples strengthen their relationships.

Both pre- and postnuptial agreements give you the opportunity to openly discuss otherwise sensitive matters with your significant other. This means that you could have a leg up when it comes to dealing with other difficult marital matters.

Settling Cases and Being Awarded For It!

Last night I had the honor of being recognized by The Mediation Center of Coastal Georgia for having the highest settlement rate for domestic relations cases in 2018. 70% of my cases that were mediated at The Mediation Center resulted in settlements. Mediation is mandatory in Chatham County for contested family law cases in all but the rarest circumstances. That's a lot of cases that did not require a trial to resolve. That's a lot of cases that the parties decided to keep control of their future by coming to an agreement.

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