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Working together may help parents create a custody plan

Ever since you became a parent, you have wanted nothing more than to do right by your kids. Because of this desire, you may have struggled with the fact that you and your spouse were heading for divorce. You likely considered staying married for the sake of the kids, but in the end, you knew that allowing them to potentially have two happy homes would work better than keeping them in one with an unhappy environment.

Still, you have many choices to make when it comes to child custody arrangements, and you may want to work with the other parent in hopes of coming up with a parenting arrangement and schedule that works to the benefit of everyone involved. Of course, this task may not prove easy, and some planning tips may help you along the way.

No Worries

I recently watched an interesting spy movie called "Bridge of Spies." Tom Hanks plays an attorney who represents an old man accused of being a Soviet spy during the Cold War era. The most memorable of the scenes depicts the attorney meeting the accused spy for the first time. They discuss the attorney's legal services. As he advises his new client of his duties to him, their conversation gets a bit interesting.

What to expect if you seek to adopt your stepchild

The decision to adopt your stepchild is likely something that has been in the back of your mind since the beginning of your relationship with the child's parent. Now that you and the child's parent are married, it may seem the next logical step is to begin the adoption process.

Adopting your stepchild can be beneficial for you and the child. Not only does it allow you to legally make decisions for the child's best interests, such as those decisions regarding the child's medical, educational and spiritual well-being, but it also allows the child the rights of inheritance from your estate as his or her legal parent.

"They took my baby!"

Maggie was devastated. Her little one had been molested, little doubt about that. That was awful, terrible, soul crushing, but DFCS was blaming her husband. She just knew he would never do such a thing. He loved that little girl more than life itself. He was a devoted daddy. Maggie couldn't have asked for Devin to be a more stand up guy when their baby was born. Devin couldn't do such a thing.

Making collaborative divorce work for you

You may be among those for whom divorce is one of the most difficult events you have faced. No matter the circumstances that led to the breakup of your marriage, you now have the unenviable tasks ahead of dividing your property, dealing with custody issues and arguing about financial support.

If you're hoping the process of divorcing will not add to your already heavy heart, you may want to investigate alternatives to the traditional, contentious litigated divorce. Recent trends have followed the realization that divorce does not have to be another battle, and that it is possible to resolve your issues with your spouse in a civil and dignified way through collaboration.

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