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Month: September 2015

Georgia’s Marriage Education

Tonight's post about the State's Marriage Education was written by our Marietta and Atlanta divorce attorney, Megan McClinton.This morning, I was reading about the unfortunate uncoupling of Gavin Rossdale (the rockstar I wanted to marry when I was a teenager) and Gwen...

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Family Law: No “Easy” Task

Tonight's post about our family law calling was written by our Marietta divorce attorney, Alyssa Blanchard.I went to a seminar last year and attended a break-out session on litigation. The speaker gave us a lot of great tips on preparing a case for litigation. He also...

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Divorce: Till Death Do You Part

She had enough of him.  She told him she wanted a divorce.It wasn't that he ran around or drank or gambled.  Maybe if he did any of that he might be more interesting. But the problem was that he was just boring. He wasn't anything like the guys at the bar,...

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Divorce, Japanese Style

Tonight's post on Japanese divorce is by one of our Marietta and Atlanta divorce attorneys, Megan McClinton.I've taken a break from anime for a while since Unlimited Blade Works ended. It's been basically impossible to find another anime that good. No, Attack on Titan...

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