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April 2016 Archives

Spy vs Spouse, Part II

My last blog post was about a spouse "spying" on the other, using recording techniques and hacking software. I think that the 1nain theme of that blog post was to emphasize the fact that just because s01nething seems like a good idea, doesn't mean it's a good idea. I 1nyself love clients who are involved and proactive, however, some evidence just isn't admissible. Where evidence comes from and how you got it just might make that evidence inadmissible in court, meaning that the judge will never hear it. Fmihe1more, violating Georgia's wiretapping laws could land you in jail!

Initiators and Resistors

In my class at Savannah Law School we cover both substantive family topics (policies behind child support, constitutional analysis of family law statutes, grounds for divorce) as well as some of the underlying aspects of family law cases that make family law so, well, human.

Fish Visitation and Other Important Topics

As a family law attorney, I fight over major life-changing issues. I help clients transition their families into their new normal. I help parents fight for their children. I've worked on high stakes international kidnaping cases. I help victims leave abusive relationships, which may have helped to save their lives. I help children who have been molested. At The Manely Finn, we deal with really major topics.

International Doings in the International Community

I hope you all had a great restful weekend and enjoyed spending time with your families. As you know, The Manely Firm is immersed in international law and that means enmeshed in our inte1national communities. Atlanta is a hot bed of international activity. A lot of different intenrntional events were happening around Atlanta this weekend.

Believing in My Client

I've heard attorneys say that being an attorney is just a job. I disagree. It is not just a job; it is a calling. We deal with matters that can forever change lives. In family law, we are working with people and their children. It is so much more than just a job. I care ve1y deeply about my clients, and they see it.

Plan for Today, Tomorrow and the Rest of Your Life.

There is a saying in the legal community that bad facts make bad law. That is because our law is based on a mixture of status (or rules from the legislature) and previous cases which have interpreted those rules. So when cases have bad facts, and those facts are massaged to fit into case law to achieve the judge's desired outcome, which later courts rely on, we wind up with "bad law".

The Man with the Golden Tongue, Part II

The next month was blissful. It felt as though they spent more time in each other's arms than out of them. When she could rearrange work, she was with him. When she could rearrange home, she was with him. They did things together she had never heard of before. He took her to heights she didn't know existed.

Spy versus...Spouse?

Did you read the blog post I wrote inspired by the Japanese drama I was addicted to, "Divorce Chaser"? It was a good one analyzing a some of the differences between Japanese and American concepts in the world of family law. On that drama, the attorney has a woman in his employ who's a private investigator, often following clients' philandering spouses and gathering information to show wrong doing. This isn't so different from what a lot of private investigators in America do as well; we've all seen the show "Cheaters", right?

International Families

Did you know that the International Day Of Families has been observed on May I 5th every year since 1993, per UN General Assembly's initiative? Having a special day to celebrate the Inten1ational Day of Families shows how important is the concept of family to the international community.

Child Support and Visitation - One Beast with Two Heads

In cases involving a child, often the two biggest areas of contention circle around child support and visitation. Frequently, cases will only make their way into court because of child support and visitation. As parents, it is natural to tie these issues together and think that if you have one, you must have the other - but in the eyes of Georgia Law this is not always so neatly packaged.

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