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Month: January 2018

Dogs and Cats, the End Game

I was talking with this cat the other day. He was telling me about his old lady."She's heartless, man," this cat told me. "She wouldn't care if I lived or died.""How so?" I asked."Out of the blue, she'll yell at me for no apparent reason. 'Get out of here,' she'll...

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Divorce in Savannah

Divorces filed in Savannah Chatham County Georgia are handled a bit differently than in other counties in Georgia. When a divorce is filed in Chatham County Georgia Superior Court, the case is automatically and randomly assigned to one of four Chatham County Superior...

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An Atlanta Divorce

An Atlanta divorce is sexy, smooth, sleek, cool. Unlike every other city in every other county of Georgia, the good people of Atlanta and Fulton County are treated to a divorce experience like no other in the State.Georgia has 159 counties and in every single county,...

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He’s Wasting Our Money!!!

I recently had the privilege of representing some divorce clients that shared some characteristics: lengthy marriage, my client was the homemaker and raised the children, opposing party worked and controlled the finances, and at some point after the nest emptied, the...

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