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Month: June 2017

The Art of Mediation

The "art of mediation" is that there is no script to follow.What do I mean by that? Certainly there is a process. You prepare for mediation by learning the facts, understanding your client's case and knowing the law. Moreover, you know how to negotiate. When I say,...

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Flat Fee, Frank Talk

Is flat fee a good deal? And, if so, for whom?It is easy enough to set a flat fee. $5,000.00.  There, see, you're done.But what are you getting for that?  What are you giving up? Why would a law firm want to do that in the first place?As a worst case...

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Reduced-Stress Divorce Recipe for Beginners

Georgia Divorce SaladHealth-conscious, salad lovers, this delectable Georgia divorce salad is just the right type of salad for you. The savory, reduced-stress ingredients in this salad will please some of the most hyper-sensitive palates. Vary the dish, if you like,...

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Father’s Day? Yeah, Right.

For some, it's no Father's Day at all.Here's the scenario: a divorce, 10 year old boy, Mom and Dad separated three years ago; Mom and Dad live on different continents.  Dad hasn't had much of anything to do with the boy since the separation except the two times...

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