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What Our Past Clients Have To Say

The Manely Firm, P.C. represents clients throughout the Atlanta metro in divorce and family law matters.

If you need help from a family law attorney, you may feel overwhelmed with options. How do you choose the right attorney?

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, it can be helpful to to hear what past clients have to say about working with a particular law firm.

We invite you to do just that: Hear what past clients have to say about working with The Manely Firm, P.C.. If you wish to speak to one of our lawyers, please contact us online.

Client Testimonials

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to bring my daughter back to the United States from Scotland. Because of you and your winning oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court, I can always honestly say to her that I did everything I possibly could to be there for her.

Sergeant First Class Jeff Chafin

Chafin v. Chafin, Supreme Court of the United States. Argued December 5, 2012

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and all the people of the Manely Firm for the professional manner in which you performed the requirements of Pam’s divorce. I was never concerned about Pamela being in “GOOD HANDS” all the way in this matter. It was so comforting to my wife and me to know that such a professional firm was looking after our “Little Girl” who is so very special to us. We had told her to get the best in the business to represent her and we are convinced that she did.

If I knew the names of all the people who worked on the case, I would thank them all by name. Pam told me on several occasions that you all were so responsive to her needs and never failed to be available to her and get her concerns addressed in a very timely fashion. You were extremely punctual in getting the monthly billings out to Pam and me and were always ready to answer any questions we had about them.

I will close by saying, if you have to go through a divorce, you really need the Manely Law Firm on your side.


I just received the Judge Lane’s order yesterday and I am very pleased with the outcome. It is an order that I can live with as I parent my daughter over the next several years.

Thank you Michael for taking my case and for your oversight as Partner.

I appreciate your firms representation.


I would like to thank you for your service, and attention in my civil action.

Michael, for your sincere, patient ear during my consultation…I would also like to thank Martha for her prompt and kind follow ups.

Over all the end result is in the best interests of my son, and on behalf of my son, myself, and my family, we thank you.

I wish your firm and its families a long and prosperous life. Have a wonderful Summer.

N. El

You’ve been a treasure to work with through this. You’ve a hard job to do, and I appreciate the amazing balance of compassion and skill you put into your work.

Thank you.

I hope you enjoy your weekend also.


I had other counsel working with me on my child custody case. He wasn’t pushing my case forward, wasn’t responsive to opposing counsel, and left me standing before the judge in a hearing without counsel. I dismissed him and went to Michael for help. Michael took my case and pushed it forward despite the delay tactics employed by opposing counsel. During a discussion with my neighbor, I discovered that opposing counsel’s strategy to win cases is to intimidate and delay in an effort to emotionally and financially devastate you and force you to drop or settle. Michael was steadfast in moving my case forward and presented my case to the judge with meticulously documented support. Michael and his staff did a great job and were very responsive in my case. I highly recommend Michael and his firm.

Cynthia Caldwell

At the Manely Firm, Michael and his staff explore every possible solution to their clients dilemmas. They don’t hesitate to employ political and public relations strategies in tandem with legal strategies to accomplish their clients goals. Michael actively utilizes professionals in marketing, public relations and journalism. This combination has proven very effective and is unique among Atlanta attorneys.

Cherry Spencer Stark

Past President, Atlanta ACLU and Former Client

Our new son started his life elsewhere. We didn’t get him until he was twelve. His life was hard. We knew the adoption would be difficult. There were complicated issues and troubled people involved. It was crucial that this effort to rescue this young boy was successful and, not just another tragic disappointment.

We turned to the Manely Firm for help. Mr. Manely, his associates and staff had to manage custody issues that spanned multiple jurisdictions across three different states. His team also had to manage the delicate and complicated issues between multiple parties including the divorced birth parents, a grandmother and a foster parent. Our familial relationships were not close enough to make a simple family adoption, but close enough to pose some serious emotional hazards for all of us. The challenge of helping our new son realize a prosperous and happy future would have been impossible if the legal and personal entanglements had not been sorted out and properly resolved by this awesome group of people. They have my highest recommendation.

Many thanks to you, Mr. Manely and your team. Well done.


There’s no words to describe how grateful we are for selecting The Manely Firm to defend us in an international case, I can say they are the best in this matter, period. Highly professional and Mr. King and Mr. Manely are the best ever. Me and my family will always be thankful to you, because of your hard work and dedication, this family is still together. God bless you!

Joel Seguradone

I have only the highest praise for this firm. They know the law and they left no stone unturned in my case. Because I had a complex international case, I found that the Manely firm were the only attorneys who had the expertise and knowledge of international law to be able to bring my case before the court. I give them a 5-plus star rating because they are in league above all other attorneys!


Very professional and displayed a great sense of immediacy working with you on your case.


Excellent options served well will highly recommend.

Keenan Thomas

The Manely Firm Handled my case very professionally. I felt listened to and was well advised by the entire firm. Michael and Dina exhibited an unparalleled understanding of both the Georgia Courts and The Hague Convention cases overall. I recommend the Manely firm to anyone looking for the best attorneys in Hague Convention cases.

Choongo Moonga

I can’t say enough good about this firm I was represented by David Purvis and he picked up where my first attorney dropped the ball and was let go. Mr. Purvis was dedicated to doing everything possible and always had my best interest in mind. Divorce is difficult and there were times I wanted to just give in to get it over with but Mr Purvis continued to give support and when it was over I was glad that he was on my side. Because of him I was able to move forward both financially and emotionally with my life.

Suzanne Cate

My case was handled efficiently and without delay. I appreciate the effort put into my case and the outcome.

Andrew Boone

Very grateful to have chosen The Manely Firm. I’m grateful for your team and for all their services during this uncomfortable time in my personal life. Thank you for accepting me as a client.

Scott Wilson

Excellent professional who fight for you.

Kleyton Barreto Fontes

Michael and Staff have been there whenever I have needed them for anything even after the fact and their service was over… They have treated us like family and the experience has been amazing with my case!..I call them the Pura Vida Firm!

Richard Rivera