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Month: September 2014

Divorce of the Official Marriage

They sit across the table from each other in almost total silence, pondering the meal before them.  They have endured this ritual, perhaps a thousand times now, each engaged in their private thoughts, none of which, anymore, include much of the other. Thoughts of...

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Sex and Family Law

As you can probably imagine, in my family law counselor's chair I hear much of everything. The most intimate details and intricacies of relationships are fair fodder for my analysis and determination about the approach and direction a case should take.  None of...

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Family Law: Mountains and Molehills

How can you tell if your attorney is causing you trouble or gouging you?  Our Savannah Family Law Attorney, David Purvis tackles that question in tonight's post.One thing that is fairly constant among family law practitioners is that billing is done on an hourly...

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Divorce and Waning Woo

As a divorce attorney, I am often asked whether a reduction in spousal sexual activity denotes foreign forays, or, whether waning woo means she's pleasuring a paramour.There are a number of straight up, spot on signs that your spouse is flat out up to no good. But a...

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