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Month: June 2015

Marriage: Love Wins The Day

Tonight's post on marriage was written by our Gainesville divorce and family law attorney, Jennifer Thuy-Tien McCall. has always fervently supported equal rights and represented parties in same-sex relationships. People in same-sex...

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Divorce: Ex Parte Gone Wrong

Tonight's post about the abuse of ex parte in divorce was written by our Savannah divorce attorney, David Purvis.I have written before on ex parte hearings in family law. It's an area I am passionate about because it is a process that is often abused with terrible...

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Motion to Produce the Children

Tonight's post on producing children was written by our Marietta divorce attorney, Alyssa Blanchard.So you've filed for divorce. As far as you are concerned, this may be the best decision that you have ever made. You have fallen out of love, you are ready to move on...

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Children: Blurred Lines

Tonight's post about children and blurred lines was written by our Lawrenceville attorney, Brandy Alexander.Children, especially teenage children, often blur the line of adult and child. By the time they reach their teen years we adults have begun to encourage...

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Very Bad Judges

Judges are as diverse as the people they serve. Some are brilliant, committed jurists who deeply care about law and doing right.  Some have elevators that don't quite reach the top floor. And some are very, very bad people.For example: Mark Fuller, an...

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