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Co-Parenting in the Time of COVID-19

"Here's what I suggest we do regarding Junior's school closings. Agree with me, or I'll take it to the highest authority."Ok. Not an exact quote, but pretty close and the basic approach that this particular opposing party has taken throughout his case.There isn't a...

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You’re Not Alone

Tonight's post is courtesy of Billy King, Sr. Paralegal.For many, walking into our law firm seeking representations can be a scary ordeal and raise a lot of questions. What kind of person will I talk to? Will they care about my situation? Will they care about my...

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"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."  So sayeth Jesus in John 8:7. That the statement is wise is irrefutable.  That it has an application in relationships and family law is the point of this blog post.After 24 years of practice, it still...

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A fair number of people who file for divorce decide instead to try to preserve their relationship and reconcile.  We have that experience in The Firm as well.  A percentage of our clients who are involved in divorce actions decide to reconcile and dismiss...

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Layers upon layers

Relationships are deep, intricate and incredibly complicated.  Just the relationship between two people constantly operates on multiple layers.  When you add children, the layers multiply.  When you add in-laws, siblings and friends, the layers become...

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During an initial consultation, I'm often asked when does one know when it is time to finally file for a divorce, when the relationship is over.  "When a conversation is pointless,"  I often answer.Communication is a great marker to determine whether there...

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