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Month: April 2018

Daddy, Don’t Go!

daddy, don't go.Daddy, Don't Go.DADDY, Don't Go.DADDY, DON'T GO.DADDY, DON'T GO!DADDY DON'T GO!DADDY DON'T GO! DADDY DON'T GO! DADDY DON'T GO DADDY DON'T GO DADDYDON'TGODADDYDADDYDON'TGO!His words rang out - first with a whisper, a small plea. Maybe that's all that...

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Coming Home

In some ways, I have the sweetest job in the world. I get to help children get back home when they've been taken away from there and I get to help keep children here in the U.S. when they shouldn't be sent away to some foreign country. This is kind of a summary of...

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