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Month: July 2013

Summer winds down

It's still summer but it's almost over.You can feel the season winding down now.  The clock seems to slow to savor each last moment.  People move at a reduced pace.  Even the wind takes its time rustling the leaves.Time out.  One last respite....

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"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."  So sayeth Jesus in John 8:7. That the statement is wise is irrefutable.  That it has an application in relationships and family law is the point of this blog post.After 24 years of practice, it still...

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Marietta Farewell to Attorney Noir

This week marks the end of an era.  As many, many, many of you know, for well over a decade now, The Firm's Marietta office has been located in a second floor walk up on the Marietta Square over Tommy's Sandwich Shop.Shelia and I moved from our Washington Avenue...

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