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Health is not valued till sickness comes

New COVID-19 cases continue to be reported every day in the State of Georgia. Just last Thursday, 24,000 new cases were reported, according to the data of the Georgia Department of Public Health.  We, at The Manely Firm, have been extra vigilant following CDC guidelines and trying to prevent our employees from getting sick – having mandatory vaccinating requirements, cleaning and disinfecting requirements, and  mandatory mask requirements.

However, the reality is that people are still getting sick. I experienced it firsthand. COVID- 19 puts enormous pressure on the U.S. economy with so many people being sick at the same time. Additional pressure is on people who are forced to quarantine, trying to prevent other people from being sick, while still working remotely if possible and while providing child care for their minor children. I personally know so many people whose life turned into hell following a COVID -19 diagnosis from people dying and losing loved ones to people losing their health, savings, houses, or jobs.

To the mothers and fathers who are taking care of their children while being sick – we see you and we admire your efforts. If possible, try to take care of yourself and heal. There is nothing more important in this life than your health. I hope you will be on the mend soon and that life will again be bright and adventurous! That day will come no matter how bleak everything looks now.  Or as people say, “he who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything”.

Dina Khismatulina