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Child Support

Myths about Child Support

One of the hardest things about the quarantine is the uncertainty. Not knowing how long the quarantine is going to last, not knowing how many small and mid-size businesses will not make it, not knowing whether or not you still will have a job next week.The experts...

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Pay to Play OR All Pay, No Play

"Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow."-A.P.J. Abdul KalamEvery day I encounter fathers from different walks of life and in extremely different circumstances. But if the father is being denied time with his child, no matter what...

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Legitimate or Lose Out

I have a sad story to tell you. I hope that it will crystallyze just how critical it is to legitimate your child as soon as possible, without delay, without waiting, without wasting one more minute.  I talked to a fellow who had a beautiful, bouncing, baby boy....

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