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Month: February 2018

The Superlative Mr. Purvis

I just have to brag here for a moment. The 2018 Super Lawyers magazine just came out and our own David Purvis is recognized as a Super Lawyer in family law. Yes, that Mr. Purvis of Savannah fame. Yes, that Mr. Purvis who is the family law professor at the Savannah...

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From the Very First Minute

When should you call an attorney to consult about your divorce?From the very first minute that you think about a divorce.You don't need to have already decided to divorce. You don't even need to be seriously contemplating it. You don't even need to be in favor of...

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Turbo Charging Your Divorce Plans.

I recently read an article about the upcoming changes to the tax code for the deductibility of alimony. The article argued that, since alimony was not going to be deductible to the paying spouse under the new tax plan, that spouse better hurry up his process of...

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Cobb County Divorce

I recently had an exciting opportunity to participate in a chili cook-off contest in Cobb County, Georgia. There were many contestants, and each provided a small sample for tasting. As I was strolling around and tasting samples, I realized how different each sample...

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