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Can you marry your cousin in Georgia?

I have several friends who recently took the Bar Exam. In part, the Bar Exam requires exam takers to memorize laws and then take an intense exam based solely off of their memory. Many joke that this is just a hazing ritual, because in the real world, attorneys do not...

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What Is Common Law Marriage?

Georgia will only recognize a common law marriages that were established before January 1, 1997.There are many misunderstandings about common law marriages. One of the commonly held beliefs about common law marriages is that a couple is automatically considered...

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Open Marriage

With all the talk about Newt's idea of a healthy marriage, I thought I'd weigh in. Unfortunately for the purient at heart, what I mean by open marriage is an entirely different thing.I've been having a great debate with another attorney at The Manely Firm, Nicole...

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