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Month: August 2013

A New Day in Savannah!

I am very excited tonight to write about the big changes that took place this week in our Savannah family law practice.  We moved and we hired a new attorney.First, the move.  We loved our incubating space on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. The 600 square...

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Divorce: The Pots and Pans

Tonight's blog post on "Divorce: The Pots and Pans" is written by our lead attorney in Lawrenceville, John Smith.I was once told by a Superior Court Judge that one of the most tedious things in any divorce litigation was the division of the "pots and pans." What he...

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Baseball and family law

"Baseball and family law," is written by our newest attorney, Wesley Wilson, who principally practices in Gwinnett County in our Lawrenceville office. I play baseball. Well, let me rephrase that, I played baseball. "Played" being the operative word, seeing as I have...

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Custody: Whose Best Interest?

Tonight's Child Custody blog is written by Attorney, Darrin Keaton.In Georgia, much of the consideration in a custody matter is given to the child's "best interests." Georgia Law provides various factors meant to assist a judge in determining what are those 'best...

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Marietta Justice Cafe’ Now Open!

We are extremely excited to announce that the Marietta Justice Cafe' is now open for business. Many of you have already read about the wonderful things happening in the Atlanta Justice Cafe' which we only opened in January of this year. So many people in Cobb County...

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