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Michael Manely

Christmas Yet To Come

If ever there were a Christmas to dwell upon Dickens’ timeless offering to tradition, this is it. This is it for a host of reasons, “Are there no workhouses?” is one.  But another is the three Ghosts, creating chapters of Scrooge’s life for him to analyze where he has...

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"All is fair in love and war." In divorce, both apply. Most of the time, clandestine actions aren't required, aren't even contemplated in divorce. They just don't apply. Most of the time, the soon-to-be exes are sufficiently straightforward with each other that...

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A House Divided Against Itself…

They hadn't gotten along in a long while. He was quick at name calling, disparaging everything she tried to do. They were both supposed to be in charge of the family finances but it didn't work that way. If he wanted something, he just went out and bought it. If she...

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