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Concierge Referral List

It’s pretty common that within a marriage there develops a division of labor between the spouses. One might be in charge of the finances and filing taxes. One might be responsible for all things childcare. Or home maintenance, or car maintenance and insurance, or vacation planning. Nothing is wrong with dividing such responsibilities and often times once children come, it’s the only way to stay on top of everything. Once the divorce is filed, though, this often leaves the parties looking to fill the gaps on the areas that their spouse once took care of.

What’s frustrating is watching someone get to a final trial in their case and have no plan on how important aspects of their lives will be taken care. Often these are things for which their spouse once took responsibility. It may be that there’s no plan on how their monthly income will cover their monthly expenses. They may be asking for primary physical custody, but haven’t thought about what to do with the children after school before they get home from work. It’s a surefire way to not prevail when you can’t give the Court concrete plans on how to make what you’re asking for to work. Even more concerning is getting through the divorce and having to figure out what to do about filing taxes, handling the monthly household budget, or figuring out childcare with no idea where to start.

At the Manely Firm, P.C., we’ve combined our decades of involvement in our communities, our 45+ employees’ personal experiences, and culled a top-notch concierge referral list for our clients. Looking for siding repair in Savannah? We’ve got someone. Need a landscaper in Lawrenceville? We’ve got someone. An accountant in Atlanta? A mechanic in Marietta? Financial Advisor in Cumming? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. We identify the services our clients need and connect them with the people in their community that can provide that help. We never want a client to walk into court without a plan for their finances, their children, their life after divorce without the support network they’ll need in place.

Not only does life go on after divorce, we think life should go on as smoothly as possible, and preferably with style and grace. If divorce is inevitable, take the opportunity to blossom, to grow, to thrive. Take the opportunity to get the help you need to free you up to become your best self. We can help you find the people who make fulfilling your goals all the easier.

Improving your life, there’s a nice and necessary outcome from an unfortunate situation. And that’s what we do.

David Purvis