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Being, Not Just Doing

It seems that it was just a few weeks ago that we were going about our normal lives. (It was.) We jumped out of bed; hurried to get the kids off to school; rushed to work; put in our full-time plus; hurried home to get the kids; get them fed and off to their...

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You’re Not Alone

Tonight's post is courtesy of Billy King, Sr. Paralegal.For many, walking into our law firm seeking representations can be a scary ordeal and raise a lot of questions. What kind of person will I talk to? Will they care about my situation? Will they care about my...

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This is not the blog I thought I'd be writing tonight.Our response to addiction comes in three forms: one, acceptance; two, moral approbation and three, clinical identification and prescription. Pick an addiction, any one I suspect, and you can see how this plays...

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Blogging from Boone

This is quite the summer for transitions.Our 18 year old graduated high school in May.  It was a long anticipated and much debated event.  Actually, I couldn't have been more proud.  As I soaked in the hour long ritual, I felt my heart would come out of...

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Families is families

Yesterday, President Barack Obama announced that he supported same sex marriage.  Not domestic partner benefits.  Not civil unions.  But same sex marriage. The full monty, if you will.  He allowed that homosexuals shouldn't be denied the right to...

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It’s what’s inside that counts.

We all operate from an internal script, largely written by our experiences from early on.  Unless we are extremely adept at paying attention to the slightest hint of subconscious motivation, we are directed, even dominated by this script, without much of a chance...

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The value of work

I saw a most wonderful film tonight.  The film was wonderful on many levels, not the least of which that it brought out all three of my boys and I to see it.  But the film also held many meanings, one of which I want to touch on tonight, the value of...

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