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Being, Not Just Doing

It seems that it was just a few weeks ago that we were going about our normal lives. (It was.) We jumped out of bed; hurried to get the kids off to school; rushed to work; put in our full-time plus; hurried home to get the kids; get them fed and off to their...

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You’re Not Alone

Tonight's post is courtesy of Billy King, Sr. Paralegal.For many, walking into our law firm seeking representations can be a scary ordeal and raise a lot of questions. What kind of person will I talk to? Will they care about my situation? Will they care about my...

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This is not the blog I thought I'd be writing tonight.Our response to addiction comes in three forms: one, acceptance; two, moral approbation and three, clinical identification and prescription. Pick an addiction, any one I suspect, and you can see how this plays...

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Blogging from Boone

This is quite the summer for transitions.Our 18 year old graduated high school in May.  It was a long anticipated and much debated event.  Actually, I couldn't have been more proud.  As I soaked in the hour long ritual, I felt my heart would come out of...

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