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Month: February 2016

Family Law Litigation in the 21st Century

While Jetson's it's not, litigation in the 21st Century is proving to be filled with fascinating opportunities that we've never experienced before.I worked in another international custody trial last week as it occurred in Great Britain, though I was deep in the heart...

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Tumultuous Times

It seems like everything is way out of kilter right now. The world does not seem safe, anywhere.Hate fills our news, fills our streets, fills our nation. That's the thing about hate, it infects. It spreads. It fills every crack and crevice, every synapse and sinew. It...

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Pass the Water, Please

I feel like I did nothing but talk during the month of January! Though that's not much different than most months, January was a bit different. As you may have read in one of Michael Manely's earlier post, the month (and year) started off with Shelia and I presenting...

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My Kingdom for a Horse!

In Shakespeare's play, Richard III, the title character's horse dies in battle. King Richard cries out, "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse."I've read some interpretations that King Richard III is lamenting that he will lose his kingdom because of the loss of...

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Custody: Don’t Involve the Children

When a divorce case involves custody issues, most of the focus of the case is on the children. What is more important to a divorcing parent than their children? While the divorce issues are mainly about the children, you should not involve the children in the divorce...

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Prenuptial Agreements, Just in Case

A prenuptial agreement is a contract that two people enter into prior to marriage that defines their respective rights in the event that the marriage does not work out and the parties divorce. A postnuptial agreement is essentially the same contract that is entered...

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Introducing Flat Fees

For 26 years, The Manely Firm has billed its clients in the most traditional way: hourly billing. Clients paid for the hours billed. What could be more straightforward, more honest, more reliable?Eventually, a few sole practitioners tried flat fee billing, where a...

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