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Month: May 2022

Who files first?

When you are ready to proceed with a divorce, the first question to consider is which of you s going to file.  There are strategic advantages to being the first to file. First, you get to determine where the divorce will take place.  As the plaintiff, if there is any...

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Gaslighting and Divorce

"You're overreacting." "I never said that." "You're the one who's being unreasonable." If your spouse or partner is trying to gaslight you, you might be all too familiar with the above phrases and others like them. If the gaslighting is happening during the course of...

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A Home’s Value

He came home from a grueling day of back-breaking work, eyes squinting against the evening sunshine cascading through the room. Trusting his keys to fall on the table by the door, the clang of metal striking the floor jarred him from his sluggish thoughts. Scanning...

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