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International Family Law

A Whirlwind of Hurt

Imagine finding out that you have been sued in Federal Court. Imagine that the case involves the most important thing in the whole world to you, perhaps even more important than your own life. Now imagine that, at the same time that you find out that there is a case...

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Diabolical Dabbling

I guess you could argue that we are to blame. We made International Family Law cool.I must admit that our arguing and winning a United States Supreme Court case, 9-0 attracted a lot of attention, all of it overwhelmingly positive. It is certainly true that our...

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Coming Home

In some ways, I have the sweetest job in the world. I get to help children get back home when they've been taken away from there and I get to help keep children here in the U.S. when they shouldn't be sent away to some foreign country. This is kind of a summary of...

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