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Month: September 2016

The Spouse Who Cried Wolf

Last week we were rocked by breaking news out of the Entertainment Industry - Brangelina is no more. Angelina Jolie-Pitt filed for divorce and for custody of the minor children, followed soon after by her allegation that Brad has abused the minor children. Since then,...

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Failure to Launch

Boy grows up with everything he ever wanted. His family was well connected in this small town; donating to all of the local politicians, including the Sheriff and the Judges, so when boy got to be a teenager and got into some mischief resulting in a couple of pesky...

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New Digs, Same Shovel

We recently relocated offices in Savannah. Gone is the old ballroom on Broughton. We are now located at 427 E. York Street, occupying the first floor of a federal-style home. The new space is much better suited for our professional needs and our clients and potential...

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Revenge: A Dish Best Served Online?

For those not in the know, revenge porn is the sexually explicit portrayal of one or more people distributed without their consent through any kind of medium. A couple of weeks ago, I watched a Lifetime movie called "Revenge Porn". It was about an eighteen year old...

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Return of the Nasty Divorce

For decades, I have been fighting against the nasty divorce. Over 27 years ago, when I was first licensed to practice law, the aggressive divorce, also known as the nasty divorce in today's parlance, was the norm, standard operating practice in family law.The nasty...

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Can you marry your cousin in Georgia?

I have several friends who recently took the Bar Exam. In part, the Bar Exam requires exam takers to memorize laws and then take an intense exam based solely off of their memory. Many joke that this is just a hazing ritual, because in the real world, attorneys do not...

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We Have A Big Problem

We were working on a case the other day which involved the degrees of consanguinity. You know, how close relatives are in relation to each other. The issue was whether the husband and wife were prohibited by law from marrying, and thus entitled to an annulment,...

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