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Trial Practice

Your Day in Court?

Suppose you could accomplish your objectives without having to have a hearing, without having to go to Court to get it resolved. Wouldn't you want to do that?Most people feel that way. Most people don't want the stress, the cost and the uncertainty of putting on the...

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Under Pressure

With the return of sports looming on the horizon, many are getting geared back up for what seems to be a frantic end to the year for professional sports. The NBA and NHL are trying to creatively figure out how to salvage post seasons. The MLS and MLB are trying to...

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Virtual Litigation

COVID-19 has thrust the Georgia judicial system into the age of technology. The courts and their staff as well as attorneys across the state have spent the last three months mobilizing in order to accommodate the new paradigm composed of social distancing and remote...

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Flexibility is Key to Control

There is a common misconception that Court is a strict, no-nonsense process that is etched in stone. It might shock you to find out that Court is really an unpredictable environment that requires quick-on-your-feet thinking and flexibility.Let me set the scene for...

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What A Mouthful. Trial Practice

Words are tricky. They can get you in trouble or out of trouble. They can save your life or get you killed. They can save your relationship or end it. They can win your case or lose it. I think you get the idea. Words are everything in our profession. Words are the...

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