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Georgia State University College of Law Names Classroom After Alumni Michael and Shelia Manely

After many years of supporting Georgia State University’s College of Law, alumni Michael (Class of ’89) and Shelia Manely (Class of ’13) have been honored for their contributions to the academic and legal community by having a classroom named for them.

While attending Georgia State, Michael was Student Bar president. He served as a long time member and president of the College of Law Alumni Council. Michael and Shelia are both lifetime GSU Alumni Association members and provide ongoing financial support to the law school to include not only the capital campaign that built the new building, but funds to provide student scholarships.

The Manelys have hosted College of Law and undergraduate events at their offices and currently host a Fundamentals of Law Practice Course where Georgia State law students represent victims of domestic violence in Cobb County. They not only meet in The Manely Firm building as a class, but the firm also donates office space and administrative support where law students can meet their clients to prepare for domestic violence hearings.

“Michael and I are honored at the recognition provided by the College of Law for our years of being in close community,” Shelia says, “but the rewards go far beyond this bit of recognition. The true rewards are more subtle and filled with less fanfare. It is in the connecting and being connected that we have learned about the politics and practice of law. It is in the connecting and being connected that we have gained support in responding to the pressures of law practice management. It is in the connecting and being connected that we have forged friendships that are rich, illuminating, entertaining and life-enriching.”

Michael and Shelia routinely encourage their associates to reach out to GSU’s College of Law through a combined office campaign as well as individually. The rewards are far-reaching. “Having our names over a door is flattering,” Shelia says. “Being an integral part of the GSU College of Law Community is in and of itself the honor.”

Georgia International Family Law Attorney wins unanimously at U. S. Supreme Court

A Marietta attorney has found himself on the winning side of a high-profile custody case with implications for parents stretching beyond U.S. borders.

Although The United States Supreme Court only hears 1% of all cases submitted, Michael Manely, of The Manely Firm on the Marietta Square, had the rare opportunity to argue a family law case before the U.S. Supreme Court in December 2012.

The high court returned a decision – a unanimous 9-0 vote in favor of Manely’s client, U.S. Army Sgt. Jeffrey Chafin, who is in a custody dispute with his estranged Scottish wife, Lynne Chafin, over their daughter, Eris.



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United States Supreme Court ruling

Georgia International Family Law Attorney Fights Ongoing Custody Battle for Children Wrongfully Abducted by Mother to Costa Rica

Follow the ongoing story of Austell resident, Christopher Camacho who lost his two daughters when their mother elected not to return from a family vacation to visit her relatives in Costa Rica.


Family Law Attorneys Committed to Providing Low Cost Services for Those in Need.

As part of their ongoing commitment to serving justice for all, The Manely Firm, P.C. opened a legal services “cafe” designed to provide assistance to low and moderate income individuals.  Now available in three locations (Atlanta, Marietta and Savannah), quality legal assistance is available for those who need simple representation, document filing and review, guidance or advice.  Clients need only pay for the services they require.

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