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Domestic Violence


He started to send me hundreds of messages by text at all hours of the night day. Mostly asking me where I was, who I was with, why wouldn't I take his calls, why didn't I text back. After the fiftieth question, like clock work, he'd start to call me names and cuss at...

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The Sacrifice

It was late and there was a roaring in her head that overtook the sound of his shouting. She stopped processing his words after the threat left his lips."I'll kill you."She believed him.Each word dripped with malice, hate, venom. What he was actually saying faded out,...

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That’s How I was Raised

We all want better for our children. Better educations, better jobs, better options, better opportunities, better lives. It's part of our fabric as human beings. Many of us can look back over the generations that have come before us and track a steady upward...

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It Could Only Get Worse

While driving home this evening, I was listening to NPR interview a woman in Panama City talking about the horrific devastation which all but wiped out that town. The reporter asked her, now that she, her husband and her three year old daughter have lived through that...

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Terrorism and Domestic Violence

A 58 year old Virginia pastor is charged with first degree murder of his wife, his stepdaughter and the stepdaughter's boyfriend on Thanksgiving.  This is domestic violence's end game.A 26 year old, ex soldier, busted into a Texas church on a Sunday morning last...

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Violence at Home

"To the Moon, Alice," Ralph Kramden would often say, his fist clenched tight under his wife's jaw. Kramden didn't mean, "to the Moon and back" as in, "I love you to the Moon and back." He meant he was going to punch her so hard that he would knock her to the Moon.I...

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Daisy and Domestic Violence

Tonight's post on pets and domestic violence is from our newest family law Attorney practicing in Marietta and Atlanta, Megan McClinton. In 2011, a Georgia bill that would have redefined family and domestic violence died on the vine.I was recently reminded...

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